How to make these pandemic days more productive as a successful and happy entrepreneur

We have been witnessing the worst (healthy/wealthy) situation in the history of humankind. As an IT entrepreneur for the last 15 years, I am having stressful days since the virus out-broke. It is undoubtedly a very serious situation for both Employees and Employers. The risk is unfathomable for sure. But there are certain hacks to be practised in our daily life so that we can easily come back to our space. I was closely watching and monitoring the effects of this pandemic and finally reached the following conclusion.


Try your level best to be more customer service-oriented and never compromise on the quality of work even though there are some possible constraints in our infrastructure and workforce.


Keep researching or getting consulted on very interactive and responsive infrastructure like scalable cloud applications since immense traffic must be expected by the customers for the technical support which is very user friendly.


Invest more in IT infrastructure and telecommunication system, advance web/mobile application, never go for the cheapest solutions where you will have to compromise in the quality thus obviously in the bad output.


Customers are panic of spreading or getting infected the neo-pandemics, therefore, need to provide an online supporting system and best logistics too to stay at home/office to be safer individually and socially.


Install safety tools in the office like disinfectant measure like Masks, Gloves, Gowns, Disinfectant Gates Etc.


Introduce affordable budget packages, products and instalment payment terms to retain the clients. Do not forget that it is easy to lose the customers and hard to find new ones.


Always conscious and cautious about better brand visibility in the social/Digital Spaces since it helps us immensely to create more leads and customers, and in the same time if we are reluctant in the social media engagements, customer services then poor reach and customer reviews may affect our business adversely too.


Do not miss your AMCs and periodical support plans for the website, Mobile Apps, Networks, servers etc since hacking, crashing of the websites, networks and such failures may lead to chaotic consequences and may lose our trustworthiness and enterprises too. Be advised that invest in Cybersecurity, Anti Virus/Malware/Phishing/Scamming/Spamming and other anti vulnerabilities tools since the cybro_psychos are dangerously active in the Cyber-space. So be alerted that you are always at risk. Keep an eye on your human resources, network systems, unwanted emails, SMS etc. If not, it is suicidal.


Proper budgeting and continuous reviews on your financial goals, forecasting, control is an inevitable matter in the business. So need to use professionals and sophisticated applications so that you can analyze save valuable money, since it is the most scarce thing in the world as of now and expected to be for a few months in future too.


Finally and Lastly, do not compromise on the quality of the products/services/Marketing-Contents and after-sales support, if you violate this rule, you will get eliminated from the niche and will be bearing a bad name of being a notorious brand in the market.

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Ibrahim Valapra
Director, Business Development
4biz International LLC, Dubai