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Domain & Hosting

Domain & Web Hosting

If you don’t host your websites or web applications on a reliable and fast server, then the result will be tragic and in turn it would make a negative impact on your business.  The hosted server plays a crucial role in the performance of your website and web applications.

4Biz International has its own hosting solutions that are quite fast and reliable. Our hosting solutions employ latest technologies and well performing hardware.

We use dedicated server to host our websites and web applications. Performance of our dedicated server is fast, reliable and efficient. If you want to have more information about our hosting packages

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Site Lock

SSL Certficates

Hacking Protection

Website Security Solution

Website security is an important aspect of any website. If a website isn’t secure enough there are more likely that your site gets hacked or infected by malware. Malwares, trojans and other forms of viruses are spearheading through the online space. Web sites which needs to perform financial transactions or which holds credit card information are more prone to get hacked.

4Biz International always gives prior importance to the website of our clients. We primarily provide two types of service

  1. SiteLock
  2. SSL Certificate

SiteLock is web security utility tool that is added to your website. It scans your website for threats and other vulnerabilities. It can also fix if a problem is found.

SSL certificate is mainly used to establish a safe communication between a browser and server. It usually encrypts the information before it is being transmitted to the destination.

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