Website security is an important aspect of any website. If a website isn’t secure enough there are more likely that your site gets hacked or infected by malware. Malwares, trojans and other forms of viruses are spearheading through the online space. Web sites which needs to perform financial transactions or which holds credit card information are more prone to get hacked.

4biz follow a unique and proven method in making up a brand. Branding requires a careful approach and systematic method to create that impact on consumer’s mind. Consumer should acknowledge your name as a brand, and this acceptance can be achieved through constant effort with special strategy. The quality cannot itself add to brand value. It is the way you present your brand name and associated things that matters a lot.

  1. SiteLock
  2. SSL Certificate

SiteLock is web security utility tool that is added to your website. It scans your website for threats and other vulnerabilities. It can also fix if a problem is found.

SSL certificate is mainly used to establish a safe communication between a browser and server. It usually encrypts the information before it is being transmitted to the destination.